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The momentum of the construction sector in Alicante goes hand in hand with the commitment to sustainable architectural developments. We will review a series of points that may interest you if you want to build a new villa as well as carry out a remodeling or refurbishment to your home along the Costa Blanca.

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From the “ Department of Housing and Bioclimatic Architecture (Conselleria de Vivienda y Arquitectura Bioclimática) from the regional government of the “Comunidad Valenciana” , a few days ago we could see how the vice-president of Housing and Bioclimatic Architecture Rubén Martínez Dalmau, presented some significant budgets for the province of Alicante in including around 61 million euros in public investments .

Around 13 million euros of this public subsidy will be used for investment in the refurbishment /remodeling works destinated to over 2,200 homes in municipalities all around the province.

The budget sets out to obtain objectives such as sustainability and energy efficiency innovation in the construction sector.


The regional government is committed to a sustainable innovation in the construction sector in Alicante, making agreements with the University of Alicante to promote studies for the immediate future of housing in the “Comunidad Valenciana” and the Costa Blanca.


The regional "Renhata plan" grants subsidies for refurbishments and remodeling works. In order to improve the accessibility of homes by removing architectural barriers and improving bathrooms, kitchens and other rooms in our homes.

If your home It is located in the “Comunidad Valenciana”, you can take advantage of these subsidies that can transform your house into a more efficient, comfortable, accessible and sustainable home.

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These subdidies are in addition to the measures promoted by the 2018-2021 State Housing Plan of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and the Urban Agenda with its housing aid plan.

( Plan Estatal de Vivienda 2018-2021 del Ministerio de Transportes, Movilidad y Agenda Urbana – Real Decreto 106/2018), which regulates the 2018-2021 State Housing Plan.

Program 5of the plan encourages the improvement of energy efficiency and sustainability by providing aid that are within the reach of residents in Spain:

75% de la inversión en caso de ingresos Aid limit:

  • In general 40% of the investment.
  • 75% of the investment in case of income below 3IPREM

Single-family homes:

  • Up to € 12,000
  • Up to € 18,000 for people with disabilities.
  • Up to € 24,000 for people with a certain degree of disability.
  • Increase per BIC: € 1,000
  • Increase for people under 35: 25% in municipalities with less than 5,000 inhabitants


  • Up to € 8,000 / house and € 80 / m2 of premises
  • Up to € 12,000 / housing for people with disabilities
  • Up to € 16,000 / housing for people with the most severe degree of disability.
  • Increase per BIC: € 1,000 / home and € 10 / m2 of premises
  • Increase for people under 35: 25% in municipalities with less than 5,000 inhabitants.



Increasingly our society , is leaning towards the construction of a sustainable and efficient home to build. On its own initiative or fostered by the succulent aid and economic subsidies that exist today.

The current support from the institutions might be the time to start that new project that you had in mind. Be it that new dream home, or the necessary refurbishment that has been waiting for years for your house.

It is a fact that the present and future of the construction goes through a constructive sustainability of efficient architectural designs that care about the environment and its surroundings.

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